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Smooth Operator Women's Razors

Smooth Operator

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Project Overview: Smooth Operator is a monthly subscription service for women’s razors. Our products are ethically-made, constructed of high quality materials, and environmentally friendly. Consumers can customize their orders to meet their individual shaving needs each month. We also provide shave creams, body wash, moisturizers, and body hair dye.


Brand Mission

The marketing and language around feminine hygiene and beauty products are still filtered through the lens of a male gaze. Cultural norms tell us that we should be ashamed of our natural bodies, and quiet about the daily rituals we perform to feel “presentable” in society. This is especially true for women of color. Women are humans who grow hair, have bodily functions, and do amazing things with their bodies.

Women are also held to high beauty standards, and due to decades of internalized misogyny that has manifested in advertising, many women do not feel the confidence to diverge from the standard and let their individual desires dictate how they groom themselves.

Smooth Operator wants to change this. We want to be a brand that encourages women to feel that their bodies can exist in whatever form they choose. We also want to make women feel more comfortable talking about and bonding over their shared beauty and hygiene experiences. 


Brand Voice: Sample copy

Feelin’ like a Slave to the Shave?
You don’t have to (but we get it)!

We get that shaving sucks like 99% of the time.* We also get that you might like smooth body parts. Maybe you like the way your clean sheets feel on smooth legs. Maybe you get super bad BO if you don’t shave your pits regularly. Maybe you don’t like feeling your leg hair blowin’ in the wind when you go jogging in December. Maybe you’ve been shaving your stomach since 9th grade, and you plan to keep that up until you’re dead. Maybe you want so much to have the confidence to walk around with all of your natural fur, but you’re just not quite ready, and maybe you never will be. And that’s OK.

Smooth Operator is here to support all of your shaving needs. We understand that everyone has a different body, a different perspective, and a different reason for shaving. Our goal is for you to feel good in your body, no matter how smooth or fuzzy you like to be.

 *The 1% of the time when it’s kinda cool is when you take a mental health day from work and sit in the bathtub for 3 hours and shave your legs like a fancy lady in a 90s movie. You also maybe get to drink champagne and eat Totino’s pizza rolls and watch old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes.



Mailing Box

Various Razor Packaging

Razor Packaging

Booklet that accompanies every delivery. The Smooth Operator booklet includes tips, information on new products, and user-submitted advice and stories. 


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