Illustration, Design, Motion, Words

Vertis Male Birth Control Ad Campaign

Vertis: For the Man with a Plan.

Project Type: Ad Campaign
Skills: Research, Brand Identity, Visual Design, Concept, Advertising, Illustration, Copywriting
Project Length: 6 weeks
Collaborators: Akiko Masker (logo design)

Project Overview: Vertis is a procedure that uses Vasalgel as a form of non-permanent birth control for men. In our culture, women take birth control in the form of pills, implants, patches, and shots. Couples can use condoms and other prophylactics to prevent pregnancy, but pharmaceuticals and medical procedures are only available to women. How do we create a paradigm shift in our culture to help men get on board with the concept of male birth control? 

Marketing Challenges

  • Needles near genitals? It's a tough sell
  • Vasalgel doesn’t protect against STI’s - why undergo this procedure instead of relying on condoms or your partner’s birth control?
  • How do we avoid stereotyping the demographic or relying on tropes of toxic masculinity?

The “You Are a Man” campaign is a satirical take on masculinity in the vein of cultural icons like Ron Swanson. At the same time, it aims to be empowering and aspirational. It encourages men to take control of their reproductive health, and to examine the role that they play in family planning. By inspiring them to be accountable for birth control in their relationships (a role traditionally held by women), it turns the “manly” stereotype on its head. Essentially, the message is that it is “manly”* to share the responsibility of family planning with your partner. The campaign uses illustration to convey humor and approachability, and it uses subliminal penises to be subversive and eye-catching. The imagery is balanced with bold headlines and simple, informative copy about Vertis.


Additional images for posters, social media, web ads, and print ads.


The Campaign in the Wild