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Motion Design

When I began studying at the Seattle Central Creative Academy in the Fall of 2016, I had never heard of motion design, and I certainly had not imagined that I would ever be creating my own animations. During the first 5 weeks of that first quarter, I had the opportunity to enroll in a motion graphics crash course, where I was introduced to Adobe After Effects. I immediately fell in love with motion design. After that 5 week crash course was over, I decided to continue to teach myself the principles of animation and learn as much as I could about motion design through tutorials, courses available online, and reaching out to animators I admire.

I love everything about motion design: concept, storyboarding, illustration and design, and animating. I've always been an avid movie and television viewer, and bringing theatricality to my design work through motion is a thrill. I love studying the way objects and characters move, and trying to replicate that movement through animation. I love the way motion allows an animator to communicate subtle or complex emotion and ideas through movement. I even love the minutiae of building a frame by frame animation, or working in a program like Adobe After Effects. There is something so satisfying and exciting about watching ideas and images come to life through motion. Moving forward, my goal as a motion designer is to always continue learning, growing, and exploring the world of animation.  


2018 in Motion

A sampling of some of the motion I've done in the past year.


Seattle Central College Believe Gala 2017

This is a video that I designed and animated for the Seattle Central 2017 Fundraising Gala. The theme of the event was "Believe," and my class was given the opportunity to create the branding and collateral for this event. I worked with team members to come up with the story of the "Little O," a character who embodies the spirit of our school. This was an amazing learning experience for me, and an especially rewarding project. I am passionate about education, and I believe in the mission of my school. I felt very fortunate that I was able to contribute to this cause.

This video was built at a unique 6784 x 1200 aspect ratio, because it was played on a 100 ft. panoramic screen at the event, which was held at Fremont Studios in Seattle. The music featured in this video is made by Tycho.


Macabre to the Max

A short opener for my fictional film festival, Macabre to the Max. This festival features independent horror films from the 70s and 80s, including cult classics like Suspiria, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Phantasm, The Brood, and many more. The music featured in this clip is from the very bad 1980 film The Boogey Man, which happens to have a great synth-heavy soundtrack by Tim Krog. I used Marvin Visions as the logo typeface, and Albertus was used as a secondary type (this one might be familiar to any John Carpenter fans). I created all other assets for this video, and I was inspired by the grainy, lo-fi quality of many of the films in my festival, as well as the A24 Films motion graphic. I really enjoyed creating this animation, as well as revisiting some of my favorite movies and researching the people and processes that made this genre so cool and distinctive!


Porchlight Cofee & Records Social Media Campaign

Porchlight Coffee & Records is a specialty coffee shop on Capitol Hill that also sells new and used vinyl. I created a set of short motion pieces for a project in my Advertising class in Fall of 2017. My campaign was based around the debut of a new fictional coffee drink for Halloween - the Maple Sage Latte. I used existing Porchlight brand colors in the illustrations, and I used music to tie together the themes of coffee, Halloween, and records.